PlateRolling SA is a trusted supplier to commercial vehicle and trailer manufacturers.

Our 8100mm long press can help you reduce manufacturing times and costs.

We supply chassis, truck and trailer sides and other structural components manufactured from high strength materials, such as Hardox and Bisalloy, which can reduce vehicle weight whilst increasing payload.

Some items we press or roll

  • Custom Angles, Channels, Zed Sections and C Sections
  • Chassis Rails
  • Tipper and Trailer Walls and Sides
  • Domestic Trailer Bodies
  • Stiffener Plates
  • Brackets
  • Splash Guards
  • Floor Plates
  • Bucket Skins
  • Wear Plates
  • Compaction Bin Plates
  • Shedder Plates
  • Mud Guards
  • Hoppers

Recent Work

Plate Rolling and Pressing SA

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